*Average Commercial Sprayer

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Carlisle IntelliSpray IS40

Savings per Job


Setup time in which you are ready to start spraying.

Minutes 50 8 Minutes Saved/Job
Labor Cost (USD) / Hour (Applicable for 2 labourers) $65 $65 Per Sprayed/Job


Spray Time (On the Trigger)

Minutes Runtime/Job 290 228 Minutes Saved/Job
Labor Cost (USD)/Hour $65 $65 Per Sprayed/Job

Job Documentation

Filling out paperwork

Minutes/Job 32 20 Minutes Saved/Job
Labor Cost (USD) $65 $25 Labor Cost Saved/Job

Fuel Usage & Costs

Gallons Fuel/Job 15 9.6 Gallons Saved/Job
Dollars (USD) Gallon $0.00 $0 Saved/Job

Material Cost

For A&B material used spraying with consistent pressure and not switching materials.

***Avg. Material Cost (USD)/Job $3,340 $3,750 ($) Materials Savings/Job


10% Avg. Yield Improvement

1.5 Average Sets/Job

Total Savings

30-45 Min. Faster Spray Time (Time Saved Per Job)

20% Less Fuel

($) Savings/Job
($) Savings for 100 Jobs/Year