Powder Clumping

CAUSE: Workpieces insufficiently grounded

CORRECTION: Clean buckets

CAUSE: Powder with insufficient resistance

CORRECTION: Discuss with powder suppliers

CAUSE: Excessive field strength

CORRECTION: Change voltage and distance

CAUSE: Powder is blown out of the corners and recesses due to excessive air pressure

CORRECTION: Reduce air pressure, use proper nozzle

CAUSE: Too little penetration in the corners and niches due to excessive voltage or the use of an incorrect nozzle

CORRECTION: Reduce voltage and use appropriate nozzles, see also nozzles.

CAUSE: Poor pre-treatment

CORRECTION: Discuss with supplier

CAUSE: Poor oven setting (too high / too low temperature)

CORRECTION: Set oven temperature according to paint supplier

CAUSE: Inadequate powder quality

CORRECTION: Switch powder, change admixtures

CAUSE: Dirty base, oils etc.

CORRECTION: Check pretreatment


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