ROI Calculator – Check Your Numbers & See How You Compare

Measure the impact our system is going to have on your business. Use your data to determine if IntelliSpray™ could be the right tool for you. We are so convinced that we can be a powerful alternative that we give you all the data you need to prove it yourself. Try our new ROI calculator and get spraying with IntelliSpray!.

Use the first column as reference data from hundreds of average users. Enter your numbers in the second column and let the system do the rest. The calculator will compare your data to our proven IntelliSpray results and give you your average savings in the green column.


*Average Commercial Sprayer

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Carlisle IntelliSpray IS40

Savings per Job


Setup time in which you are ready to start spraying.

Minutes 50 8 Minutes Saved/Job
Labor Cost (USD) / Hour (Applicable for 2 labourers) $65 $65 Per Sprayed/Job


Spray Time (On the Trigger)

Minutes Runtime/Job 290 228 Minutes Saved/Job
Labor Cost (USD)/Hour $65 $65 Per Sprayed/Job

Job Documentation

Filling out paperwork

Minutes/Job 32 20 Minutes Saved/Job
Labor Cost (USD) $65 $25 Labor Cost Saved/Job

Fuel Usage & Costs

Gallons Fuel/Job 15 9.6 Gallons Saved/Job
Dollars (USD) Gallon $0.00 $0 Saved/Job

Material Cost

For A&B material used spraying with consistent pressure and not switching materials.

***Avg. Material Cost (USD)/Job $3,340 $3,750 ($) Materials Savings/Job


10% Avg. Yield Improvement

1.5 Average Sets/Job

Total Savings

30-45 Min. Faster Spray Time (Time Saved Per Job)

20% Less Fuel

($) Savings/Job
($) Savings for 100 Jobs/Year

* These estimates are based on estimates from Spray Foam Magazine 2020 and field trial results with closed cell material. Actual savings
will vary based on materials, application conditions and operators.

** Based on over 5000 hours of Carlisle Fluid Technology field tests