MS offers innovative and sustainable powder coating equipment from automatic or manual guns to fully automated powder coating lines. Offering innovative solutions tailor-made to meet customer needs.

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The MS M4 Topcoat Manual Powder Gun is lightweight which makes easy handling for operator comfort.

  1. Lightest powder gun worldwide(388 g)
  2. Diversified cone assortment
  3. Metallic powder possible
  4. Highest reliability

The MS A5 Automatic Powder Gun’s lightweight design utilizes the basic MS Topcoat principles to reduce energy consumption in the machine, reciprocator, or robot-mounted applications.

  1. Designed with a minimum number of replacement parts
  2. Easy to Clean
  3. Simple to maintain

Fast Color Open powder coating booth system design features large and well-lit walk-in manual coating touch-up stations.

  1. Increased productivity, color change in six minutes, or less in full recovery mode.
  2. Small foot-print of automatic section improves efficiency and time of automated booth enclosure clean-up.
  3. Quiet operation, typically less than 70-dba.