Binks high and low-pressure fluid handling pumps, paint circulating systems, manual and automatic spray guns are trusted by some of the largest finishing facilities. Binks Smart pumps have become the pump of choice in automotive OEM, Tier 1, and large industrial paint shops.

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The Binks Smart Pump with digital controls will make the job more efficient:

  1. Maximize your efficiency and reliability.
  2. Lower your operational costs.
  3. Saves energy with less maintenance downtime
  4. Control digitally the pump speed, pressure, and paint supply.
  5. Drive fluid sections and the smart system ensures the pump can run continuously

The Maple Pump air operated improve the paint circulation and supply applications.


  1. Removes the risk of valve icing
  2. The enclosed Bellows Seals eliminates shaft packing lubrication and reduce the pump maintenance.
  3. Trouble free operating life.
  4. Superior finishing.
  5. 5 Years Warranty.

The Trophy Gun sets a new standard in durability, ergonomics, and atomization.
Ideal for a wide variety of materials and viscosities.


  1. Manual and Touch-up Spray Guns
  2. HVLP (Blue), LVMP (Green) and CONVentional (Brown) Technologies
  3. Pressure, Gravity and Suction Models

Reduce maintenance, downtime and lower running costs with Binks Trophy Guns