Customized Powder Systems, Worldwide

In a fast-evolving manufacturing environment, customers seek a reliable and long-term partnership with an equipment vendor that can provide sustainable cutting-edge powder solutions. Founded in 1991, MS recognized this need and has become a leader in powder coating systems.

MS Systems has advanced the powder equipment market through developments of the first fast color change booth and RDF high density powder feed systems. Today, MS offers complete MDF powder systems, FCV vertical specialized booth systems and the latest in application equipment technology. Our systems engineering group focuses on industry trends and finding new solutions that meet ever-changing market needs.

All from One Source

Requirements for technological advancements in powder coating applications has become more complex as the need for more colors and faster production turn-around restricts the capabilities of many suppliers. MS understands the challenges customer’s face and provide custom solutions to meet their finishing requirements. 

Our in-house team of engineers uses the latest in 3D-CAD software tools.  With this technology, MS can develop and simulate equipment solutions, allowing us to demonstrate conceptual designs and operational details to our customers prior to ordering a system.

MS Powder System is a quality engineered and constructed product, taking individual components and integrating them harmoniously with each other; ultimately, providing the end user with the finest in quality, performance, and reliability.


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