What Makes a Great Spray Foam Gun?


When you’ve been spraying foam for years, it’s not uncommon to believe that your current equipment is the best or at least has decent performance. However, you sometimes start questioning whether or not you could have better results with other alternatives. In addition, you may begin to ask what features are the ones that make a piece of equipment great. In terms of foam spray guns, we can shed some light on this for you.

Key Foam Spray Gun Features and Specifications

When evaluating a foam spray gun, be sure to review the following features to help you choose the right gun.

Weight and Mobility

Spray jobs usually take between 2 to 10 hours of spray time to complete, depending on the size of the building or the space you are insulating. The operator has to spend the entire time holding the spray gun in his hand, along with the added weight of the hose. After a couple of hours of spraying it’s normal to begin feeling fatigued. One way to avoid the fatigue is to acquire a gun that features the lowest weight possible. This will lead to less strain from spraying and allow you to spray longer and feel better. You will complete the job in less time while saving both time and money.

Spray Tip (Nozzles)

Depending on whether you are spraying a big or small space, you may decide to change the gun’s tip for one with a broader pattern. Choose a foam spray gun that can switch between tips fast and easy, giving you more time to complete the job.

Mixing Chamber

The mixing chamber is the heart of the foam spray gun. If the materials aren’t mixed in the correct ratio, the foam consistency will underperform. Also, remember that if a spray gun’s chamber and the tip are not cleaned after spraying, the residual materials can clog the gun and render it useless. Find a gun that can be assembled and disassembled with ease. This will reduce maintenance and cleaning times for you.


Besides holding the gun all the time, the operator must also apply pressure to the trigger every time he needs to spray. As simple as it sounds, pressing the trigger for long periods can be a real pain in the hand. Search for a gun that features a light trigger pull to lighten the load.

ST-1™ Air Purge Spray Gun

During the job, the tool that operators most interact with is the foam spray gun. Spraying for long periods can be a daunting task, and operator fatigue may lead to lower productivity and fewer jobs completed on time. Carlisle’s ST-1 spray gun was designed with the spray operator in mind. It features a unique swivel strap that allows changing from right to left and left to right quickly and easily. It is lighter and therefore reduces operator hand stress. The balanced handle also allows sprayers to spray longer. When spraying, it delivers a consistent pattern, and its check valve eliminates fluid and material from entering the air passage. It also allows quick tip and mix-chamber changes to optimize flow and pattern width. It is a simple design that’s built to last.

Comparison Chart

See for yourself how the new ST-1 foam spray gun stacks up against the competition.

Spray Gun Comparison Table

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