The Critical Spray Foam Equipment You Need for Your Business

Spray foam insulation is currently the most recommended type of insulation available. This type of insulation was invented around the 1940s when polyurethane foam started being used for this purpose. The most challenging aspect for implementation was mixing the materials in a timely manner to prevent them from hardening before installing. To achieve this, a plural component gun had to be invented. Many iterations of these guns emerged, including water and air blown as well as incorporating different timing for mixing both materials.

Around ten years later, the first proportioners started to emerge. These were needed to guarantee that the right proportions of materials were mixed before spraying. From there, advancements in hose development allowed for better transfer to the spray gun. Nowadays, there are many different options for each of these tools, but there are a few key performance criteria that determine the best choice.

Not all systems are created equally

When choosing the ideal system for your insulation jobs, always ensure that the proportioner delivers the exact ratio between both components to guarantee a consistent and robust foam. This will reduce waste and take care of your reputation. Second, look for equipment that can ensure that both chemicals remain at the ideal temperature until they reach the spray gun. If not, the ratio will also be off and ruin the foam. Heated hoses that can keep the temperature stable during an entire spray job are critical. If the substances start to cool off in the middle of a job, you must pause and wait until it heats back up. Therefore, more money and more time spent.

The Carlisle Intellispray™ system has been designed to address all these issues. The IS40™proportioner guarantees a 1:1 ratio throughout the entire job. The QuickHeat™ hose provides faster and more consistent heat while providing real-time monitoring of the chemicals’ entire trajectory. Finally, the ST1™ Air Purge Spray Gun provides more consistent spray patterns and better ergonomics to reduce fatigue in extenuating jobs.

IS40 Proportioner

For ideal insulation, the two most important aspects are the correct ratio of each material and the temperature at which they are mixed before spraying. These two checkpoints are the primary roles of the proportioner.

  • If one chemical prevails over the other, the foam may not deliver the necessary density, strength, or R-value.
  • If the substances are not heated and maintained at an ideal temperature, it affects the ratio between the chemicals.

Achieving these goals is crucial in itself, but time is money when you are out on the field. Waiting for the materials to heat or pausing mid-job because the material’s temperature dropped below the optimum threshold leads to wasted money and fewer completed jobs per month. Our system works smarter and faster from start to finish. TheIS40 proportioner reduces warm-up time by 20-50 minutes a day and delivers consistent heat throughout each job. If needed, it also automates processes for increased output and productivity.

QuickHeat Hose

Once the chemicals leave the proportioner, they are no longer subject to heating elements to maintain their temperature. Once again, this may lead to different ratios being mixed and poor-quality insulation. For this reason, Carlisle developed their product line of QuickHeat hoses to help all applicators.

Inside each hose, unique, embedded heater wires float in the hose fluid stream achieving >100F DeltaT. No matter the distance the hose must cover, the QuickHeat hose guarantees that the product arrives at the gun in perfect conditions for mixing. Its multi-zone design allows separate pre-heating of A & B materials and built-in optical indicators, and Bluetooth communication helps keep operators informed of the real-time status of each chemical.

ST-1 Air purge spray gun

During an insulation job, the tool that operators most interact with is the spray gun. Continuing to spray for long periods can be a daunting task, and operator fatigue may lead to lower productivity and fewer jobs. Your team’s health is of utmost importance, so handing over the right tools is not optional.

Carlisle’s ST-1 spraygun was designed with the spray operator in mind. It features a unique swivels trap that allows changing from right to left and left to right quickly and easily. It is 10% lighter and therefore reduces operator hand stress. The balanced handle also allows sprayers to spray longer. When spraying, it delivers a consistent pattern and its check valve eliminates fluid and material from entering the air passage. It also allows quick tip and mix chamber changes to optimize flow and pattern width. It is a simple design that’s built to last.

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Whether you are a sole operator, have a small crew, or multiple rigs running daily, our spray foam insulation machine maximizes your most important asset: your reputation. The Carlisle Fluid Technologies IntelliSpray reduces the risk of off-ratio jobs, is easy to operate, is built for durability, helps you get jobs done faster, and increases your profitability.