Lower material and labor cost with the IntelliSpray IS40 Spray Foam System

Choosing the right equipment when setting up a spray foam business is not an easy task. The investment is considerable, so you need a system that will perform impeccably while taking care of your bottom line. Many manufacturers focus on improving the system’s performance but don’t consider the costs associated with it. If you need intuitive spray foam equipment that performs effectively under most circumstances and is friendly to your wallet, the IntelliSpray IS40 System is your solution.

The IntelliSpray IS40 system was designed with the operator in mind. It helps reduce labor and material costs by shortening heat-up times, spray times, reducing rework, and providing the operator with real-time information to make the right decisions at the right moment. No time wasted.


Shorter heating times

In an ideal world, the ambient temperature at every job site would match perfectly with the material’s needed temperature to spray. Unfortunately, weather conditions vary greatly, so you need a system that can maintain a set temperature throughout the entire job and heat the material to said temperature in the shortest time. Longer wait times translate to higher labor costs. With this system, you will be ready to spray in under 15 minutes – every time.

The IntelliSpray IS40 system with its QuickHeat™ Hose gets you started spraying faster. The hose features independent heater wires on both A & B hose. This means that it can heat each material in either A or B hose where the temperature is not ideal. It features multiple temperature checks throughout the proportioner and hose to prevent temperature drops and consistently deliver heat out to the gun.


Shorter setup times

The IntelliSpray IS40 system comes with pre-configured systems that allow users to start spraying as fast as possible. Most systems need to have the different settings reviewed and modified to suit the user’s needs. It doesn’t matter how simple the task is; you need to configure it. With the IntelliSpray IS40, the most frequently used settings are just a few touches away. Whether you require purging, material changes, or recirculation, the system is ready to handle it out of the box. Less time needed for setup translates into more time spraying and fewer hours of labor.


Shorter spray times and less rework

The IntelliSpray IS40 system is designed to shorten the time needed to complete a job. The spray pattern is consistent, the temperature of the materials is consistent the entire time, and the pressure is always right where you need it. On average, an operator spends 5 hours per job spraying with competitive systems. When using the IntelliSpray IS40 system, the time can be reduced to less than 4 hours! This translates into more than 20% savings on labor costs and time.

One of the reasons for these shorter times is the remote monitoring feature. With a phone, laptop, or computer available, you can make changes in configurations of the proportioner remotely – at the gun. You no longer need to go back to the proportioner every time you need to change something. Additionally, the QuickHeat Hose also features a LED status light, so you’ll know immediately what the operational status is at all times.

One of the key features this system offers is the “ratio-assurance” benefit of the IntelliSpray IS40 system. Spraying a high-performance foam depends on getting a 1:1 ratio between A & B materials throughout the job. To achieve this, the right temperature and pressure is critical. If the materials are not at the right temperature or constantly fluctuate, the volume changes will result in varied ratios. When your reputation is on the line, you want to rely on getting the best results from your foam. If your system cannot guarantee this like the IS40, you will need to re-do your installation or constantly provide regular maintenance and repairs. Only the IS40 always keeps you on ratio, which makes you more money and saves you time.


Automated reporting

After completing a job, it is necessary to analyze all the metrics related to it. You need to understand the quantities of material used, the average ratios during the spraying procedure, the temperature levels of the materials, and the time spent spraying. On average, a contractor spends 30 minutes documenting the job after completing it. With our automated reporting, that time can be reduced to less than 10 minutes. The data can be exported from the system remotely or through USB drives for future use. The machine makes no mistakes, so the data is always accurate. No more human error. This is data you can rely on.


Less material

Time and time again, the IntelliSpray IS40 system has generated a 10% to 15% material yield increase while delivering foam with excellent performance. Using an average of $3,000 spent on materials per job, using the IntelliSpray system (based on the 10% – 15% yield increase) will generate savings on the materials of $300 to $450 per job.


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Whether you are a sole operator, have a small crew, or have multiple rigs running daily, the IntelliSpray IS40 system maximizes your most important asset: your reputation. The Carlisle Fluid Technologies® IntelliSpray system eliminates off-ratio jobs, is easy to operate, built for durability, and gets jobs done faster, increasing your bottom line.