Learn About the Intellispray System

The Next Generation of Spray Foam Equipment

The Intellispray System functions like other spray foam equipment, with a few key improvements to simplify the process and protect the contractor’s reputation. Before buying, read about how the Intellispray Spray Foam System works and what sets it above the rest.


Introducing Intellispray’s Mission:

Spray foam insulation has been around for over 50 years and has become a standard for home insulation. In an effort to advance the spray foam industry, Carlisle Fluid Technologies decided it was time to develop spray foam equipment with the latest technology. Out of this effort, Carlisle launched the Intellispray System; focused on eliminating the key spray foam issues contractors identified through vast field testing.


The four main issues

  1. 80% of contractors are spraying off ratio.
  2. Rigs struggle to keep up with the heat.
  3. Equipment maintenance costs time and money.
  4. Other equipment requires extensive training for spray operators.


Our solutions:


True Ratio Control:

  • Save time and protect your reputation with a tested >99% accurate spray foam ratio. The Intellispray System uses built-in sensors to monitor and control A & B temperature, pressure, and flow. It features independent servo motors that control the flow of material automatically so you don’t have to worry about hitting the target.


More Heat and Higher Yields:

  • The automated ratio control improves yield by 5-15% and reduces spray time by up to 1.5 hours a day.
  • The QuickHeat hose system features independent heater wires for each material and zone, and along with the temperature sensors throughout the hose, guarantees the right temperature at every stage.


Built for Spray Operators:

  • The intuitive touchscreen display, and easy to repair design, make operating the Intellispray Spray Foam System simple. You can conduct maintenance procedures from the front of the system and due to its modular design, parts are easily interchangeable if needed.
  • The award-winning balanced design of the ST-1 Air Purge Spray Gun reduces fatigue when spraying due to its winglets and swivel strap for easy handling.


Designed for Durability:

  • Reduce the need for repair with the industrial-grade hardware in the IS40 Proportioner, including fully enclosed gear pumps. Spray more consistently with the ST-1 Spray Gun’s build-up preventing tip and check valve.


How The Intellispray Technology Works:

The Intellispray Spray Foam System needs 3 key elements to function:

  • IS40 Proportioner
  • QuickHeat Hose
  • ST-1 Air Purge Spray Guns

The IS40 Proportioner uses transfer pumps to move the insulation material from the drums to the machine in two separate parts, one part (A) iso and one part (B) resin. The transfer pumps are powered by an air compressor. At the IS40 Proportioner, the spray foam insulation is sent through a Y filter to remove any contaminants before being pressurized by hydraulic pumps on the proportioner. After pressurizing the material, it is sent through the QuickHeat Hose which heats the (A) and (B) materials separately to the spray operator’s specification. The temperature of the material is monitored as it travels through the QuickHeat Hose, and it mixes when they reach the tip of the ST-1 Spray Gun. Read more about how spray foam machines work here.


IS40 Proportioner Technology:

  • An intuitive 15” full color, touchscreen display lets you easily adjust heat and pressure, among multiple other configurations.
  • Sensors with built-in reporting monitor and communicate flow rates and ratios.
  • Independent servo motors ensure true ratio control (read more here).
  • Modular components are easily accessible and repairable with extended warranties.


QuickHeat Hose Technology:

  • Embedded heater wires float in a hose fluid stream to heat material.
  • Independent heating of A & B materials within the hose maximizes ratio control.
  • Pressure and temperature are monitored in real-time and controlled within the hose.
  • Fewer fluid and electrical connections improve reliability and ease of installation.


ST-1 Air Purge Spray Gun Technology:

  • Ergonomic handle winglets and swivel reduce fatigue and improve accuracy.
  • The tip is designed to prevent build-up on the gun and spray more consistent patterns.
  • Check valve prevents material crossover and fluid leaks.
  • The Ultra Life mix chamber and side seal interface extend the gun’s life.


Where to Buy Yours:

Choosing a spray foam insulation machine is simple with the Intellispray System on the market. It has the latest technology and is affordable, making it the spray foam solution for sole operators, multi-rig businesses, entry-level techs, and experts alike.

How to buy your Intellispray System today:

  1. Contact us for more information and to schedule a 30-minute needs analysis here.
  2. See the equipment for yourself in an on-site demo.
  3. Search where to buy an Intellispray spray foam system
  4. Set yourself apart from competitors with your new equipment.

Financing options: Finance your Carlisle spray equipment over a 12-month term and pay as low as 0% interest on the equipment costs. Shipping, sales tax, and other costs are subject to our standard low rates. Your first payment and document fee are due upfront, and the remaining eleven payments will be paid via ACH