Benefits of Using the IntelliSpray™ IS40™ Spray Foam System by Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Why should you use the IntelliSpray IS40 System?

Whether you are a spray foam operator who has been in the business for decades or someone just starting out, the IntelliSpray IS40 System maximizes your most important asset: your reputation. The engineers at Carlisle redesigned the system with the needs of operators in mind. The new system offers true ratio control, higher performance, and more durable equipment, along with an intuitive design that reduces the reliance on experts.


The IS40 Proportioner

The IntelliSpray IS40 System is comprised of three parts: Proportioner, QuickHeat™ Hose, and ST1™ Air Purge Spray Gun. The IS40 Proportioner has been engineered using proven, industrial-grade hardware. Independent, servo-driven motors control the flow of A and B materials, and the flow is monitored to assure that the foam is applied on-ratio. The system also automatically compensates for worn components, plugged filters/lines to keep the foam on-ratio. When components do need to be replaced, the design of the system is such that those replacements are done in minutes not hours. Many of the system’s processes are automated. These include startup, maintenance, job tracking, recipe management, automatic yield calculator, and spray efficiency metrics. All are displayed on a brilliant 15-inch touch screen. The simple pull-down menus put all the operations on one screen.


The QuickHeat Hose

The QuickHeat Hose offers you a faster, more consistent heat to finish the job sooner. Our hose has roughly double the heating power compared to most other SPF hoses. The QuickHeat hoses have embedded temperature and pressure sensors, independent A and B hose heating, and up to six independent heating zones to improve temperature control. Each hose includes a snag and abrasion-resistant outer hose wrap that is sealed with industrial-grade hook and loop material to allow individual A or B side hose replacement. Real-time system control by IntelliSense™ allows for pressure and temperature data to be communicated and controlled within the hose. Built-in optical indicators and Bluetooth communication keep your operators in the know. All electronics and sensors are fully potted to protect them from the environment.


The ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun

The ST1 Gun has several features that can give you an edge over the competition. It has been designed to provide more consistent spray patterns for a faster spray. The check valve eliminates crossover of material into the air passage. Tips and mix chamber can be changed quickly, reducing downtime. The unique tip design reduces overspray build-up on the gun and keeps operators spraying longer. The award-winning balanced handle, swivel straps, handle winglets, and 10% lighter weight combine to make this gun more ergonomic for sprayers.


Remote Monitoring

Our IntelliSpray IS40 Spray Foam System comes with remote monitoring. This allows both operators and supervisors to monitor and troubleshoot the performance of your system from anywhere in the world. Supervisors can keep their crews on track without needing to be on site. Built-in job reporting allows you to automatically document the job quickly and easily. No more having to record jobs manually!


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Whether you are a sole operator, have a small crew, or have multiple rigs running daily, our spray foam insulation machine maximizes your most important asset: your reputation. The Carlisle Fluid Technologies® IntelliSpray system eliminates off-ratio jobs, is easy to operate, built for durability, and gets jobs done faster, increasing your bottom line.